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Coming together to
Live, Laugh, & Learn

Please come and help us create a health village of businesses and individuals who focus on natural health and/or resources for health and liberty minded folks to leave the systems that do not lend to health or liberty. Village opens at 10am.  

Tickets for Speakers.....

Tickets for Luncheon.... sold out

Tickets for Dinner (meal only)

Let's create better health care, better food, better household products, better education, better ways of buying and selling, better ways of communicating, etc. This is very ambitious-please let us know if/how you can help!! We also plan to show a movie in the theater at the Dixie Center. We'll play the documentary, The Real Anthony Fauci, at 10 am and will play it twice until 4:00.  Feel free to come when you can as it it packed full of evidence.  10-12 will be part 1, 12-1 will be part 2, then we'll replay both parts right after.  This movie in the theater will be completely free to the community!

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