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Holistic Health Class

One thing that I’ve felt a huge need for in our society is REAL education when it comes to health and wellness. The medical industry has been cooped by the pharmaceutical industry and so much of health education revolves around that.  The importance of becoming educated in REAL health is so important!   Here is a class that will do just that for kids and adults!  We will cover basic biology and immunology, with an emphasis on how we get nutrition from plants (photosynthesis) and herbs.  I am a nutritionist and, soon to be, herbalist. The course covers evidence of heathy habits in regards to sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental/emotional wellness, and the importance of nature,  This information is vital in these days where our health is undermined by government, and even business, constantly.  Yes, the course will cover some of the corruption in the industry as well.  The course starts next week, but we can only hold it if we have enough students.  We need 6 more to hold the class. Please consider for you or someone you love....

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