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Del Bigtree and Janci Lindsay Videos

Thank you so much for coming and/or supporting Your Health Freedom Dixie in any way you have! Last Saturday was an amazing day to be with liberty loving humans! I hope everyone was encouraged and inspired! It's so important to have true information and hope for the future. I hope you got to watch one of the documentaries, but if not, a previous post has a pretty updated and extensive list of documentaries. Please share any of the videos!

The first three links are the videos in order...the luncheon, Dr. Lindsay, and Del's evening presentation. I will also attach links of friends who went "live" as some of the audio is a little muffled. Lot's of options and I think the first links are good enough, but feel free to look into the other links. Thank you so much for being a part of Your Health Freedom Dixie! There's no way we can do what we do without your help!



  • Del's evening Presentation--FB live portions mostly First half hour (I love this bc it has the national anthem, trump of God, and prayer :) 45 min starting with athlete deaths. I had to go help out at the booth. Just a live video showing our booth and the event before the evening. We may post our shirts on the website.

Lastly, please be on the lookout for a protest that will be a call-to-action via People's Rights shortly. It will be in regards to the BYU's insistence that attendees be vaccinated or tested in order to come into their events. If you can support or help in any way, please head to We will have a call to action to call the school this week. Thank you again for all you do, including prayers for God's blessing upon us in liberty!

-Laura Bean

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