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Freedom Convoys and Rallies

Here's a few items YHFD is focused on....Thanks for doing what you can!

Please, if nothing else, SHARE these events with your friends and family!

  • Tonight St. George Library- Balance of Nature Town hall 5:30 (sorry, I may be too late getting this out).

  • Tomorrow.. The Highwire at 11am.

  • Friday 10:30am Convoy cheering on Washington Parkway Freeway overpass, exit 13. Hear is a link for that convoy...

  • Saturday 11am Stand up to Mandates Rally at BYU in Provo.

  • Wednesday, February 23, Main Freedom Convoy Begins in Barstow, CA with many paths.

  • Email your Senate and House representatives to vote YES on HB60 S2. Vote YES to human rights and our ability to go about our lives without intrusion into our medical privacy.

  • Thursday, February 24, St. George Library, 6pm Liberty Action Coalition-- Kate Dalley and Jen and Sophie discuss fraud in Utah elections.

  • Saturday February 26, 6pm, Dixie Center, Ben Carson via Wa County Republican Party. Your Health Freedom Dixie will have a booth for this event, so come early if you want to buy anything. We'll have books, specifically "Jabbed" by Brett Wilcox, "The Truth About Fauci" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, dvds ("Vaxxed" 1 and 2), shirts, and Let's Go Brandon bracelets.

  • Wednesday, March 9, Your Health Freedom Dixie Education Series, Balance of Nature (Location tentative), 7pm, Heather McGuigan, How to Navigate the Rabbit Hole when researching. This will be so good and you'll leave armed with knowledge. This is how we restore integrity and liberty!

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