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Have a friend or family member about to get the experimental jab??

Some Questions to ask someone considering the gene manipulation medical product that is NOT a vax, is NOT FDA approved, is experimental, and has ZERO liability. Please share...

🔹Why are you getting it??? At this point, there is absolutely zero proof that the risk outweighs the POTENTIAL (unproven) benefit. YOU are the animal trial (many of which died or were severely harmed by previous corona studies that had to end there bc of antibody dependent enhancement).

🔹Do you know about the corruption in the medical industry? Really any Industry where there is lots of money to be made and lots of people to control. As far as I know, this is the only industry in which there are zero repercussions for a company. They are not liable for any harm done. Do you know how the medical education system was taken over about 100 years ago? And killed all the homeopathic schools that used to exist? That’s an incredible fact that I can’t believe anyone would brush off. Does this mean medical professionals are “in on it”? Absolutely not. They’re too busy and uninformed. And afraid to step out of the mainstream as many have been penalized. Their training has taught them to trust the federal agencies whom has shown time and time again that much of their public health advice is NOT about actual health of an individual. Otherwise, where is all the advice about eating healthy and sunshine and supplements that are showing benefits? These things don't go along with the mainstream narrative that is keeping Americans unhealthy for a reason. Where there are big corporations involved, which that's all this is, their focus in not on the individual. Follow the money--that's what it all comes down to. I literally heard somebody from one of the agencies (CDC I believe, early on last year) say that you cannot do anything to improve your immune system. Can you imagine living your life believing that your choices don’t affect your health?? Wow, so sad. Why are we giving away our power??

🔹Follow up— whom exactly do you trust? How are you getting info? The way we seek for truth says a lot about us. Knowing there is ANY corruption and still trusting man on this is just incomprehensible. "ARM of flesh" anyone?

🔹Do you believe in treating your body naturally? Do you think God sent you to earth with everything necessary to accomplish your missions or not? This may be the biggest decision of your life and prayer and fasting are a must.

🔹Are you aware of the many effective therapeutics that are available? If you’re so worried, why aren’t you on ivermectin and/or hydrox as a prevention? Inexpensive and very low risk. (I personally would choose the natural versions of these medications. I don’t want a synthetic drug at all—but the risks are much lower than the “vax”). Have you even tried homeopathic solutions including prophylaxis homeopathic’s? Don’t you want to explore every option when it comes to your health, especially from a medical product that you cannot detox from? The effects of this vaccine may very well be lifelong. It is intentionally causing an autoimmune reaction and making your body be a genetically modified organism. This is not something you can detox from.

🔹Are you aware that YOU are the lab rat and there is NO conclusion about long term side effects? It’s absolutely unknown. It has been concluded a study from about 2009 that only about 1% of vaccine injuries are officially reported. Are you aware that there have been at least 30,000 incidences of adverse reactions and over 600 deaths at this point? (currently 3/10 the death rate is well over a thousand). The country halted the disastrous swine flu vaccine many years ago after six weeks of only 25 deaths and 362 cases of gbs. Think about that for a moment. At the end of the day, anybody can at least see the agendas at play.. At the end of the day, we need to decide whom we trust. Someone who is more concerned about keeping their job or somebody who has zero to gain by warning you?

🔹Are you aware of how abortions tie directly into the manufacturing and testing of this product?

Why aren’t you going to get tested for antibodies before getting it? There’s is a very good likelihood that you’re already immune.

Please look over the following information carefully and let God help you and guide you as to what to read or watch.

More info here...

C19 vax (1)
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