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Help us Plaster these stickers all over town and support local business owners with INTEGRITY!

Please call, go to, email, or text your favorite businesses and urge them to stand up for the law and support mask choice at their place of business. Here is a flyer that you can use to give to a business owner. Let's call so much and inundate businesses with requests to put the sticker up and do what is right with regards to human liberty. If you're able to donate, head to the donate section on the website (about halfway down).

Are you a business owner?

Are you tired of the perversion of law that has been happening in Utah regarding unlawful mandates? Do you want to let your customers know that their decision to wear a mask is not up to anyone but themselves and that you comply with real law?

We are a group of concerned citizens who wish to help businesses and community members stand up for what is right. We are offering businesses who would like one, a vinyl sticker you can display that states that you follow the law (it comes in navy or white)….

Along with the sticker, this business kit includes 2 constitutional documents supporting you and your customer's rights.

Place both documents and the decal on your storefront to display your rights! We are spreading these all around Southern Utah and are forming a strong coalition of high integrity businesses! Will you join?

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