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Itinerary for January 8th...

Ok, we're almost there!! Saturday is the BIG DAY!!! I sure hope you've looked up Del and been able to weed through the mainstream lies and can see how much good he's done for medical freedom!

If you still need to buy a ticket, or several, for that night and support the cause, please do so on this link and share with your loved ones!

If you bought a luncheon ticket, please arrive a few minutes early and get checked in. We'll be giving you a wristband to be worn as admission for the evening speakers. Luncheon has been sold out for a while. And, please arrive early for the evening speakers too. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Here is the schedule for the day.....

  • 11 am.... Dixie Center theater....Vaxxed Documentary

  • 12 pm.... Luncheon in room adjacent to the theater

  • 1 pm.... Dixie Center theater....Highwire Episode with legal counsel, Aaron Siri

  • 3 pm.... Dixie Center theater....Highwire Episode highlighting WHO is to blame

  • 5 pm.... Dixie Center theater....Vaxxed Documentary

  • Remember, movies are complementary to the community via generous donations from our own community members.

  • 6 pm.... Evening Speakers begin....Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay, PhD speaking on C@\/id ¥’s and reproductive health. How they could impair fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

  • 7 pm -Del Bigtree will deliver a powerful message! You will be inspired by his unique blend of passion, wit, and scientific expertise.

Please check in at the main ticket counter on the North side of the Dixie Center.

Our booths will be located by the luncheon room and we will be selling informative DVDs, books (yes, we have a few Fauci books), shirts (YHFD shirts, LGB shirts, Corona shirts), and other apparel (earrings and bracelets). We'll have free informative cards you can keep or take to give out to others. All money for our items goes to the cause of medical freedom. We're prepared to take cash, check, venmo, paypal, and credit card if that's your ONLY option. AND, we'll be blessed to have representatives from Liberty Action Coalition and Pro-Life Dixie who will have their own booth along the hallway. Make sure to say hi! Thank you so much for your support!! There is no way we can do all that we have without the support of the community. Your efforts and any support you can offer means so much!!! Thank you!!!!!!! See you Saturday!!

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