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Looking towards the Holidays

Here are a few important action items we have the opportunity to address....

Del Bigtree is coming to beautiful St. George and we are so excited to host him!!! If you're interested in buying lunch tickets, please head to this link.

For tickets to the evening presentation and the documentaries throughout the

day, here's the link. Just like when Judy came, you only

need to buy one ticket. If

you pay for the lunch, there is no need to buy another ticket. These will make WONDERFUL Christmas gifts! Talk about the perfect gift for a family member you care about :))


This will be HUGE!!!! Please participate in any way you can. I will not shop on these days.


This event from last night reveals how HHS has fraudulently altered the data through the years, making those in conservative areas pay more for about everythi

ng. I went live on our facebook page and this link should work...


Are you being mandated at your work or school to get the 'you know what"? It is illegal, unlawful, and immoral. Please, this is a fight for everyone! We should all be standing up. This is wrong. Period. Here are some resources for anyone in this predicament. We all are, really.



Thank you for taking action when a text comes through for for showing up at events!!!! YOU are making a BIG difference!! We really are! Thank you for caring and doing what you can!

Edited to add these important events for Iron County!...

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