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Please Comment on this... An experimental injection for babies and toddlers...

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Click the link above. Below is a screenshot.

Also, this is directly from Your Health Freedom (Northern Utah)... Please Email Walt Brooks and your House Representative.

Here's the copy and paste, so you can click on links......

Thank you for your emails to legislators on this bill!

Everyone likes to be thanked for their efforts!

Please thank the Rules Committee for sending HB60 to the House Business and Labor Committee for a vote.

We are very grateful to the committee, and to Representative Walt Brooks, for running this bill, and for working with all of us. He's doing an amazing job!


Sample Email (email addresses below)

cc: Representative Brooks and your House Rep

Subject Line:

HB60: Vaccine Passport Amendments. Thank you!


Dear Representative Hawkes, Representative Lisonbee, and Rules Committee members,

Thank you for sending HB60: Vaccine Passport Amendments to the House Business and Labor Committee for a vote. We appreciate you!



Representative Hawkes:

Representative Lisonbee:

Representative Brooks:

Your House Rep: > My Legislators

The bill may be heard in committee on Thursday. Stay tuned for more details!


This is tomorrow... please attend if you can...

From Take Action for Freedom.... I think you should hear this story of Utah moms who, in Cox's words, have are walking in "dangerous territory" by demanding free and fair elections in Utah, and an audit of last year's election, that Spencer Cox was given control of 7 years before the "election" in 2020. Please show up today live, or virtually, at the Utah County Commission meeting at 2 pm, please see the show notes of this interview of Jenn and Sophie. I think you'll find this episode an important one to listen to. You can take action in two ways, because there's also a hearing at the Capitol, Room 30, going on at 1:30, on Rank Choice Voting (short version of why to oppose it: the globalists want it). Please join virtually at County Commission, after listening to this important interview! Robyn Openshaw Take Action for Freedom

  • Please contact your State legislatures in regards to these bills. This happens tomorrow. Let us show, We The People are in charge and that they can not do whatever they want:

  • Iron Dixie Committee of Rights would like to thank Citizens for Constitutional Government for making easy to access messages on the bills. Again we are networking with great organizations statewide making some great dents in the armor of tyranny.

  • HB178 appears in committee tomorrow at 2PM. It seeks to make RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) mandatory. please follow link for more info

  • HB170 is in committee again tomorrow at 2PM, It seeks to create a new tax. Please follow

  • Please post to all your social media accounts and send to family and friends. Let's continue to be vigilant, remain alert and engaged until March 4.

Please continue to share the BYU Rally.....



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