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The Tide is Turning! Let's keep up the Pressure!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Today is the last day of the legislative session. For those who have been very attentive and have been to meetings and emailing and calling, etc, it's been an exhausting time of defending our liberty. Way to go! Even if unconstitutional bills get passed and constitutional ones don't, we are making a HUGE impact!! We are awake and WATCHING! We are learning. It's become evidently clear, to so many of us, which legislators need to go and which one's are actually respecting the constitution and actually representing their constituents. Please sign up for our text alerts since that's where we've been very active regarding the session. Text 'freedom' to 1-888-676-1980. Very related, we have a wonderful opportunity in Utah to Caucus! This is one way we can have an impact and communicate with our neighbors about our government. This is WE THE PEOPLE; let's finally act like it :). I got this information from the organization fighting for the Dixie name at the University (DSUHC)....

Please attend your local Caucus Meeting on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.





6 pm – Check-in

7 pm – Meeting starts

You will need the following for the Caucus Meeting:

1. Be a registered Republican, you can register at the caucus meeting. If you are not sure you are registered, go to, enter your address.

2. Take photo I.D., driver’s license is fine

3. Show proof of where you live if it is different than your driver’s license address. This can be a power bill, credit card statement, etc.

This year most of the precinct boundaries have changed as well as the precinct numbers.

Please find your new precinct number, then find the location for your Caucus meeting on Tuesday, March 8. Most meetings will be held at schools in your neighborhood. In some cases, 2 or more precincts are meeting in each building. The information on the location and room of your meeting is on the spreadsheet.


THIS WEDNESDAY we are having the first of our Educational Series classes. It's going to be so good!

Please join us as we learn how to navigate the rabbit hole and research like a pro! Besides helping us to protect our rights, our mission is to educate our community regarding health so we can be empowered. We call it "Freedom through Information" talks. ;)

The Saturday after, March 12, we will hold a viewing party of one of the documentaries at the same location at 7pm. It will be a fun family night. :)


If you haven't noticed the Very amazing and exciting Freedom Convoys headed to DC, please take a minute to look into it. It's been very inspiring and is helping to change policy imho. Here is one of the convoy's websites.


Also, Pfizer just released a huge document of info they tried to keep from the public for 75 years, but a lawsuit from Ican, I believe, (that's The Highwire organization) made them release all of it very ONE year instead of 75! Here is the link. Please peruse it....


Please stay connected and keep doing what you can! We live in such a wonderful community!! There are so many people who actually "get it" and see what's going on in our world! We are uniting in TRUTH and LOVE and we'll never be the same again! That's ok imo!! I personally do not want to go back to a time of so much fakeness! It's been so eye opening to see the true colors of individuals and businesses and I'm so grateful to know! I hope you have a great weekend and hope to see you on Wednesday! We'll have documentaries and books for sale and can't wait to connect again!

-Laura Bean

FYI...some updated links that are very helpful Here is yesterday's show, speaking of tide turning! is Kate's Website. So good!

Please share any links you'd like to share in the comments!

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