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It’s a new year! Do you know there's a Better Way?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Better ways to nourish your body, your nervous & immune system.

Get your tickets asap to “A Better Way” health conference!

January 14th at the Dixie Center. ◦ Doors open at 10 AM ◦ Come learn a better way to educate yourself on the resources & practitioners available in our community to help us actually stay well instead of feeling trapped in our current sick care situation.

Join Your Health Freedom Dixie, and our lineup of amazing speakers & entertainers.

Keynote speakers: • Dr. Paul Thomas, -come learn of his Vaxxed vs UNVAXXED study! • Dr. Carrie Madej, who will discuss the Covid vaccine and a better way forward, along with a host of other medical practitioners for a great day of networking and education!

•Meet other like-minded people who've awakened to the current medical tyranny and take your power back!

• Health Village vendors and documentary from 10:00-4:00

• Main event begins at 3 pm and ends at 9 pm

Tickets are just $25 and available at

We need to submit our food orders for the separate food (for dinner), so if you plan on ordering food for the evening, please order this weekend :)

Start your new year off right, get your tickets today before they’re all sold out!

As a group of moms, grandmas, and supporters of folks who have been injured by the pharmaceutical industry, we will not back down when we are called degrading names by society or bullied by the powerful. We are all too familiar with being ridiculed. Please understand that with recent drama, there are many sides to every story. Please seek for understanding and give folks who are fighting for everyone's medical freedom the benefit of the doubt. We are committed to serving the community and nothing else. This event will be so amazing and unifying to our community! So much light and love and peace will be present! We can't wait to see you!!

-Your Health Freedom Dixie

Here's the schedule for the day!!!

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