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Major Health Freedom Opportunity- HB123--please contact your representative

Do we have medical establishment sellouts at the Utah legislature blocking a major health freedom opportunity?  It’s sitting in the Utah legislature as we speak.

Did you know that many doctors get PAID to force vaccines onto their patients?  Did you know this has been happening for decades?  Did you know that most patients have no idea about this conflict of interest, and they’re led to believe that the doctor must simply believe in the vaccines they’re selling to them.


Some members of the legislature shilling for the medical establishment are saying “give up, the bill is dead”. That’s called gaslighting and they want you to be the victim.  They have the power to bring it back and move it to the floor, anything else is an excuse on this very simple, cut and dry, legislation.

Other members of the legislature were reported to use the excuse “oh, that doesn’t actually happen”.

Yet, it’s so common that the national library of medicine, in a pubmed article, on a government website, discusses the benefits of these “doctor bonuses”

Journalists previously were able to save a pharma company’s vaccine incentive program before they took it down after it was exposed publicly.

Additionally, one Utah doctor Defending Utah interviewed showed us a letter from 2020 that financially incentivized the covid shots. Check back here for updates as we get a copy of the letter to scan for this article.


HB123 – Powerful Legislation On Our Doorstep

HB123 – VACCINE DISCLOSURE AMENDMENTS – (Sponsored By Rep Trevor Lee) is a rare example of a bill that only does something good (no bad mixed in), in a very targeted way, that actually protects the people from tyranny.  With zero risk to the people. The only people that would be against this bill are those who profit from selling vaccines (manufacturers, lobbyists and even the doctors).

People have a right to know the conflicts of interest that exist so they can make the best informed choices of what they put into their bodies.

URGENT ACTION: Right now (as of 2-17-23) this bill is being blocked in the House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee

These reps voted to BLOCK the bill (which ultimately could be described as protecting medical fraud):Melissa G. Ballard (Voted against the people) (, J. (Voted against the people) ( Defay. (Voted against the people) ( Garner (Voted against the people) ( D. Stenquist (Voted against the people) ( reps voted correctly to allow the bill to continue:Colin Jack (Good vote) ( A. Strong (Good vote) ( reps were absent:Scott H. Chew ( A. Cutler ( A. Wheatley (

When this bill went through committee it was overwhelmingly spoken IN FAVOR OF, but they voted against the people anyway.  Only those representing the medical establishment tried to speak against this bill.

In order for this bill to see the light of day, we must flood the phone lines and emails of these committee members (not your own rep, but these committee members) and politely, but firmly demand that this bill must be allowed to move on to the house floor so it can be voted on by the people’s representatives. The bill is currently HELD but they have the power to bring it back (despite the excuses some are trying to say). Make them feel the pressure. If the people insist, and they still don’t bring it to the floor for a vote, you’ll know who truly represents you.

View our “Contact Your Reps” page for all contact information for your representatives.

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