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Happy New Year From YHFD! Here's an update!

When we look back to 2019, to our first rally, it's clear that the medical freedom movement has sure come a LONG way. We are so grateful for the awakening of truth and liberty that is happening! One of our goals for this year is to continue on this awakening and continue sharing truth about health and medical freedom. We want to come together and learn how our community can protect liberty and gain self-reliance in true health. As always, we share important evidence, but it's always up to each individual to decide for him/herself on every issue. :) We don't have our typical big January event this year but hope to plan something this year. Here are some important events and issues happening in January/February....

This will be so good!!!! I know it'll be full of HOPE and what we can actually DO!


Phil Lyman is a candidate running for Governor of Utah and has been stalwart and consistent in liberty and we support his efforts! He's coming to St. George on the 19th, as well, to an event at the collage with Riley Gaines! This looks like a great event!

Utah's legislative session begins January 16 and goes until March 1.

Please go to and sign up for their emails. Kristen Chevrier and her team does an amazing job at keeping tabs on legislation relating to vaccines and health. There is a bill, HB 123 Vaccine Disclosure Amendments HB0123 (, that looks helpful, as it proposes financial disclosure of potential conflicts of interests of health care providers. Here's a screenshot. Take a look at the bill and offer any comments you have below! Here is a list of other bills if you'd like to see what else is on the horizon. New Bill Information (

Finally, I want to just mention two great educational sources that have had a huge impact! The Highwire and it's last two episodes are a must watch/listen imo! Aaron Siri pins down the basics of vaccine safety and Barbara Loe Fisher explains her work in the 1986 Act. It's eye opening to hear her side of how that act played out and continues to do so.

Candace Owens has produced a few more episodes on her series, A Shot in the Dark. As of now, it's on the Daily Wire. I just watched her polio episode and it's really informative! The old photos/ads and videos of DDT being sprayed all over is pretty horrifying to watch! I've taught a vaccine education class to teens all last year at homeschool co-ops and would consider opening up classes to adults. Comment below or reply to an email if attending an in-person or online class is something you're interested in.

Thank you for reading! Please let us know what you think about medical freedom and natural health and how we can help! Community coming together to accomplish something is powerful! We hope to see you at any of the events! Please keep in touch! We're on Facebook and Instagram if you'd like to communicate there as well!

-Laura Bean

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