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Your Health Freedom Symposium and Elections!

We're back!! With LIBERTY as our focus, here are two things we'd like to focus on at this time...

1. Please come to the Your Health Freedom Symposium October 6 & 7th. Your Health Freedom (our counterpart up North) has a rockstar cast for the 2023 Gala and Symposium, and October 6 & 7 are right around the corner!

Bring friends: Buy 10 Symposium tickets and get $20 off per ticket!

Volunteers get discounted or free Symposium tickets!

subject line "2023 Volunteer!")

For hotel room discount information email; subject line "2023 Hotel."


Event Details

The 2023 Your Health Freedom Awards Gala and Symposium take place October 6 (Gala; Lehi) and October 7 (Symposium; West Jordan)

(YHF is 100% volunteer. All proceeds directly fund health freedom advocacy.)

Symposium ticket $80/$60 each if you buy 10 together! (Buy 10 tickets in one purchase; save $20 per ticket!)

Gala tickets are $85! These tickets are limited and sell out quickly!

Volunteer opportunities are available for Symposium admission discounts. (See above.)

Your Health Freedom Awards Gala Details

The Your Health Freedom Awards Gala is for adults only.

Join us for a lovely seated dinner in an intimate setting, with symposium speakers and legislators. We have some special treats lined up for this year, including our first annual awards ceremony for legislators who prioritize health freedom.

Adults only at the Gala.

Dress semi-formal to formal.

(Tickets for this event are limited and have always sold out. Please get your tickets early!)

Your Health Freedom Symposium Details

Join us to learn from the real experts what you need to know to protect yourself and your family in the days ahead! Make critical connections with people and organizations! Explore and learn at the vendor booths! Please head to the website for more info and to buy tickets......

2. This local election is THE most important we've ever had. Grass roots is the best way to get quality representatives who will have the backbone to protect our children and community values. PLEASE spread to word about these 3 candidates! Ballots are already out or people can vote in person at the Dixie Center on Sept 5th!

Voters also need to be informed about

Dannielle Larkin:

-Voted to increase taxes

-Donated $$ to leftist organization Equality Utah

-Supports drag shows in front of children giving monetary donations and attendance of drag shows involving children.

-Voted to pay Adam Lenhard 625k of tax payer dollars and has praised Adam's leadership in many public meetings.

-Opposed state legislation that would protect children from body mutilation and protect women's sports in Utah

-Frequently votes for government involvement in the private sector, down to the level of making a developer come back to the council because she doesn't personally like their colors or design.

-Publicly compared the extermination and murder of Mormons from gov Boggs to the local public not wanting adult entertainment performed in front of children.

-Attended and held signs at Black Lives Matter Rally with Mayor Pike and Greg McArthur.

-Did not oppose Mayor Randall's decision to eliminate public comment until AFTER the public outrage.

Please realize that when evaluating voting history, monetary donations, and quotes from open public meetings, Larkin is likely the most left leaning, big government candidate on the ballot.

-Also, all incumbents voted to pay Adam Lenhard $625,000 of taxpayer money, did not oppose the mayor to eliminate and drastically alter the public's voice in monthly meetings, and consistently vote for tax increases

St George deserves better!

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