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Let's Get Focused

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

There's so much going on lately, that it can be hard to keep up with everything and stay focused. Let's take a breath and get focused on our goal. The ultimate goal of most of us is freedom. Here at Your Health Freedom Dixie, we are in line with that same goal. Without the freedom to be able to make our own medical/health decisions, free of coercion, we live in

slavery or tyranny. Those who are fighting for freedom, work for all aspects of human liberty, especially body sovereignty which is on the forefront. We really are all in the work of liberty together! If there is any ONE thing that can unite a people, it is to be united in LIBERTY!

Here's a brief rundown of what to expect for the rest of the month of October...

-Sat, Oct 16 at noon, Hospital Rally/protest, St. George and Cedar City on the sidewalks.

--Wed, Oct 20 at 7pm, Save Dixie Concert, Dixie Center

-Fri/Sat, Oct 22-23, We Can Act Liberty Conference. THIS WiLL be AMAZING!!! Please attend. It's in Salt Lake and will give us action items for us to do and very useful information.

Use Promo code: WECANACT to receive $70 off their ticket, making your ticket $99!!

-Wed, Oct 27 at 7pm, Lies about Life Expectancy, Whistleblower presentation at the Washington Library.

What can you be doing now?

-Call, text, email your legislators

-Educate yourself about the constitution and what is lawful

-Call or email businesses and do not do business with those who support the unlawful mandates. We have to make our voices be heard where it counts!

-Educate yourself, your family, and neighbors. Gather in your neighborhood groups and have a plan for loss of communication or food shortages, etc.

-Attend rallies and events that accelerate learning and good, loving vibes!

-Here's the info from Utah Parents United...

**URGENT CALL TO ACTION** Ask Your Senators to support a Special Session to stop V Mandates in UT Text, Call, or e-mail your SENATOR TODAY Find them here: 1- Subject Line: I’m your constituent please support a special session to stop V Mandates. Keep your message clear and concise. 2- PLEASE SEND THEM PERSONAL STORIES AND EXPERIENCES SO THEY UNDERSTAND HOW MANY ARE BEING IMPACTED! 3- Read and sign the attached “Declaration Against V Mandates” petition, to stop mandatory vaccines. Include the petition in your message and ask them to support it. 4- Ask 5 friends to join you in this Call to Action. Thoughts on vaccine mandates to guide you in writing your e-mail, text, or phone call. V mandates--as a condition of employment or as a condition for participation in commerce, as a business owner or as a customer--will impact every Utahn and will strike a fatal blow to our free society. While the federal government has threatened to issue a mandate via OSHA, business-issued mandates and vaccine passports are already here in Utah. The threat from the federal government has frightened and/or emboldened some business owners to push mandates on their employees and customers, because they fear retribution if they do not. We must ensure that businesses are free to engage in enterprise, without feeling they are required to act as medical enforcers, either by the government, or by trade associations. Likewise, personal medical decisions must not be a mechanism for justifying discrimination regarding either employment or participation in commerce (e.g. vaccine passports).

-Looks like the above is Utah Parents United. Take Action for Freedom has a similar form..... I LOVE the way everyone is coming together!!

-Please share your ideas in the comment section...

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