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Urgent--HB 131, Videos from "A Better Way", & Election Integrity

Utah's legislative session recently began and the vaccine passport bill from Walt Brooks that didn't pass last year is back in committee today. It's still not too late to email the committee and attend the zoom meeting and comment. The meeting is today at 2:00. The link for more details is below. Please stay on message and be positive. The focus is on individual freedom to participate in the market and on businesses to not be manipulated by the government. Thank you for participating and being positive and hopeful! Here's the link....

Also, we have our first video from "A Better Way" uploaded on Rumble!!! Please watch and share! Check back on our website or Rumble for more of the uploads as we post them. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming last Saturday and making our event possible!!!!! We are SO grateful to you all! The health village was beautiful, and the presenters were so good! Thank you for keeping our community a beautiful place for liberty and health!

Finally, you won't want to miss this crucial Election Integrity event in Washington City on Thursday! Can you also sign the petition online? Just click "Take Action" at See you Thursday if you can make it!

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